Florida Holidays- What To Do and See

Are you planning for a holiday in the so-called "The Sunshine State" of United States of America. Some of you might still be searching for cheap holidays to florida. I believed that is not a problem anymore. With the help of computer and internet, you can already browse for any cheap travel destination not only in Florida but anywhere in the world.

I am only giving you a few tips and information on what to do and see when visiting this part of the United States.

Go to the Beach

When I think of Florida, it always comes to my mind the beautiful beaches in Miami, the West Palm Beach or the Daytona Beach. These are only some of the famous and best beaches in this region. There are still a lot. The beaches in Florida are one of the popular attractions there especially during winter season. The Sunshine State is known around the world for its balmy weather. It has mild winters, the reason why it is popular as a winter destination in the U.S.

Jacksonville Beach in Florida. Thanks to Ray for this image.

Visit Disney World

I had been to Disneyland in Anaheim, California but never I had the chance to visit Disney World during my two months vacation in the U.S. Disney World is the biggest and most renowned theme park in the world. Visiting this can be a very hilarious and interesting experience.

Some other theme parks to visit are Wet and Wild, Sea World, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios and Discovery Cove in Orlando.

Go Diving, Hiking or Backpacking

The coastlines of Florida has many beautiful coral reefs to explore. It has also a wide array of sea life. The state and national parks and forests in Florida have nature trails and are perfect for hiking, backpacking and camping.

Interesting Sites To See Includes;

St. Augustine- If you are interested about the city's history, there is a museum here worth to visit. If you love shopping, there are also plenty of shops nearby.

The historic and beautiful Lighthouses in Florida are one of the iconic images of the coast. Take time to visit it.

Visit and see the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex, Salvador Dali Museum, Daytona International Speedway, Space Shuttle Launch and many more.

Stay safe when visiting Florida. It high occurrence of hurricanes. Be careful when walking alone at night. Also watch out when and where you swim.

I believed visiting Florida can be a great and memorable travel experience.

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