How To Get Cheap Travels

I always love to travel. I had been to different countries in the world especially in Europe and I always love it. This morning during coffee time, I heard a program over the radio about a German guy who traveled five continents for 40 days and only spent around 1,000 Euros. That is a very interesting story. It will be featured in a German television this coming Wednesday.

I am sharing today some travel tips where you can make cheap travels. I had done it especially getting those cheap international flights and affordable accommodations in Europe. Here are some tips where you can find great travel deals.

Plan Your Trip Ahead

Last year, when my friend from the United States planned to make a tour in Europe, I told her that we need to plan it months before. Actually we planned it around five months before. She wanted to visit some countries and in fact we did visited seven countries in 21 days for less money. We always tried to look for cheap flights and hotels in the internet and we were very lucky to have everything in just around a thousand Euros. That is the advantage of planning ahead of time because you can always find cheap travel deals.

Watch -Out for Last Minute Deals

I remember my trip to Berlin last February of this year. I had a very good deal of that last minute trip. Actually it was a bus trip and it only cost around 149.00 Euros for 3 days including a 3-star hotel accommodation with breakfast and the tours in the city. It was really very cheap because that hotel alone cost from 70 to 200 Euros per night depending on the season of the year.

Always watch out for last minute trips especially if you want to avail of really cheap travel deals.

somebody's busy taking photographs here! Thanks to my friends from Berlin who took most of my photos during my trip to Berlin last February 2011.

Travel Ads in Newspapers and Flyers

I always find cheap deals on travel advertisements in the newspaper. Two weeks ago, we received some travel flyers and I found a 10-day holiday to Turkey for 499.00 Euros. That trip already include the flight with Lufthansa (tourist class), 9 breakfasts, 8 dinners, transfers from hotels to airports (Munich and Istanbul airport), tours to different places and cities in Turkey with tour guide.

I immediately booked the trip last week because there were only 8 seats left that time. I can't wait to visit this country in some months. Newspapers and magazines are sometimes good sources where you can find cheap holiday packages.

Search in Internet

This is one of the best ways to find and book for any forms of cheap trips and holidays. With just a click of the mouse, you can already browse for any travel anywhere in the globe at the convenience of your home. You can also search for any vacation that will surely fit your taste and budget. I love finding cheap travel deals on the net but it need some patience sometimes. How about you?

Lastly, I am trying to think if I will also do what the German guy did during his 40-day travel in 5 continents. Why not? I believed I can!

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