Europe Trip- Interesting Cities To Visit

Travelling is a passion and the one who get addicted will not let its charm get away. A traveler always wants to explore new places and for all of those, I to want to share my experience of Europe’s five most unique cities. All these cities has had a history of their own and their charisma asks you to keep visit them again and again.


It will be great if you end your European tour at Barcelona in Spain. Having a marvellous past this city enthrals you with its beautiful nights and bright sunny days. You can enjoy the Mediterranean climate at Barcelona which attracts sun-seekers from around the globe. Number of interesting festivals and events are on throughout the year at Barcelona which never let you weary. This city is full of life and colors and is known for his museums, Picasso’s paintings and many more.


A European tour is incomplete without a trip to Venice. This Italian city is unique and one of its kind. Also known as ‘The Floating City’ or ‘City of Water’, Venice can easily be declared as the most romantic city of Europe. Beautiful Gothic style of architecture, its fashion galleries, music, art and cuisine thus everything is so special about Venice that one cannot afford to ignore this fantastic city.
The Tower of London officially called as Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress. This was taken during my trip in England last 2008.


London is no doubt the heart of United Kingdom. If you are in Europe and not visited London then you have not seen anything in Europe. London a much vibrant place is a city where you can see people from almost every country. London will soon host the Olympic Games in 2012, so lots of development work is on these days. Madame Tussaud Museums, Thames River Cruise, London Eye, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey are some of the many attractions at London. London can mesmerize any one with its magic.

rainy days in Paris, France. This is Eiffel Tower, the famous landmark of Paris. taken during my second visit last August 2010.


Paris, the French capital is always known for great Eiffel Tower but there is lot more apart from that wonder of the world in this city. The question of what not to do in Paris is more important than what to do. The city offers so many attractions that they are even difficult to mention. Stay in an affordable hotel in Paris but make sure it’s in the center. A walk alongside River Seine, Disney land adventure, watching a Moulin Rouge show, visit to Notre Dame or just enjoying snacks at any road side cafĂ© will definitely provides you the utmost pleasure. I recommend a Paris sightseeing tour if you want to see the best attractions that Paris has to offer. Don't miss to book in advance your budget accommodation in Paris. For sure you can find one, like what we did before.


Istanbul, the Turkish delight is the gateway of Europe and is the only city in the world which is located in two continents i.e. Asia and Europe. The moment you stepped in Istanbul, you will mesmerized by the finest architecture on both sides of Bosphorus channel. This architecture gives you the glimpse of so many forms like Byzantine, Roman, Greek and of course Ottoman as Istanbul has seen all of these civilizations in different times. The Blue mosque, Topkapi, palace, Hagia Sophia, Galata Bridge, Grand Bazaar and Princess Island are some of the must visit places.

Although the European continent has much more to offer but by visiting these cities you can feel the soul of the Europe. The joy which you get by having a Turkish Bath or by a quite walk at Champs Elysees Street in Paris is indescribable. Even visiting Piccadilly Circus at London or Barcelona’s old town will give you a life time experience.

I wish I am an expert travel reviewer but I am quite happy and contented to share my travel experiences to everyone through my travel blogs.

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