My Top Three Destinations in Indonesia

Can you imagine a country with over 18,000 islands? It is Indonesia and it is considered as the largest archipelago in the world. This country is dubbed as the sleeping giant in Southeast Asia. It is the fourth most populous country in the world with over 240 million population spread in its 6,000 inhabited islands.

There are a lot of interesting island destinations in this country. Among the few of my favorite are;

Bali- It is not only the most popular destination by Indonesians but also among travellers from all corners in the world. Its rugged coastline and beautiful sandy beaches, unique culture, varied landscape of hills and mountains are only some of the reasons why Bali has become the top favorite destination and also considered as a paradise of many global tourists.

Travellers to this island will surely find cheap Bali hotels, guest houses, dorm accommodations, beach resorts and luxury villas that best fit your style, needs and budget.

- This is considered to be the most populated island in the world. Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia is located in the island of Java. I would like to experience some outdoor attractions in this island. I would say, sightseeing in one or two of its less than 121 active volcanoes is also included in my to do list. Its volcanoes of which many are active make this island quite remarkable. A visit to its white sand-beaches and coral islands like in Pulau Seribu or Karimunjawa can also be a wonderful thing to experience. There are just a lot of things to do in this island like shopping in the huge malls of Jakarta, watching the sunrise at Borobudur temple, trekking in its national parks, eat Javanese delicacies....anything else you want to add?

Sumatra- The island that is best known for its natural and cultural wealth. The jungles, volcanoes, the lakes ans other natural landscapes are the main attraction of this island. The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra which comprises of three distinct national park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Seeing the endemic Sumatran Orangutan, the Sumatran Tiger and Sumatran Rhinoceros can be a terrific and unique experience. I would love to go trekking there also.

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