Cruise holidays: What’s it all about?

Thanks to its not-so-flattering conservative image, you’d be forgiven for thinking that cruises are stubbornly traditional and a bit old-hat. But with the arrival of new cruise operators in recent years, bringing new ships into the fray complete with top-notch facilities and activities to appeal to a much wider demographic, cruising has entered an exciting new dawn.

For those who like luxury holidays, you can’t get much better than this. Waking up in a new destination every day with a hearty breakfast, stepping out to explore chic cities and stunning beachscapes, relaxing in a spa or taking a refreshing dip in the pool, before glamming up to enjoy fine-dining and a lavish programme of evening entertainment.

Like any package holiday, the cost of cruising varies depending on what you want from it. High-end cruise holidays with luxury cabins and all the trimmings do come with the luxury price tag - but for those seeking something a little more reserved you can certainly find something within range. For instance last minute cruises usually come with significant price reductions, as tour operators prefer to fill empty cabins for a knock-down price rather than let them go empty.

You will often find great deals by booking early too. Book up to a year in advance and enjoy early-bird discounts or cut-price upgrades, as well as the chance to pay your holiday off over a longer period of time.

Even without the added bonus of discounts, most cruise holidays are available on an all-inclusive package basis complete with meals, accommodation and flights, which makes them excellent value for money even before you factor in all the destinations you will visit and the onboard facilities available.

In short, cruise holidays are a spoil-me-rotten adventure just waiting to happen. Why not give it a go and find out for yourself?

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