Cruise holidays: Why not?

Cruise holidays might not be to everyone’s taste - the thought of spending time at sea on a floating hotel can turn some stomachs into jelly. But for those game enough to give it a go, the majority come away with many wonderful memories and find out exactly why so many people enjoy this style of holiday.

So what are cruises all about? Firstly, it’s about seeing a fantastic range of destinations and having the opportunity to wake up in a new location every day. You don’t get that with your average package holiday. From Mediterranean gems and Nordic delights to the far-flung shores of the Caribbean, cruise holidays take in some of the most beautiful and breathtaking destinations in the world.

But it’s not all location, location, location - it’s also about the onboard experience. Why spend so much time on a boat if you don’t get to enjoy yourself? As a result, modern cruise liners have been decked out with first-rate facilities and top-notch entertainment. You’ll find plenty to do onboard, from going to the cinema or catching a high-octane musical, to relaxing in the spa or pumping iron in the gym. On a Royal Caribbean cruise you’ll normally experience innovative touches such as a surf park and rock climbing walls too.

And then there’s the food. The buffet tables are literally laden with sumptuous cuisine representing a vast range of nationalities - from traditional Sunday roasts and delectable Chinese, to Spanish tapas and Italian flair. You’ll get breakfast, lunch, dinner and endless tasty snacks in-between, while many cruise holidays go one better by serving up a special gala dinner once a week - where you can get glammed up and enjoy waiter service with multiple courses. Just don’t expect to come home any lighter.

One thing’s for sure, cruise holidays are something different altogether.

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