The Decisive Goa Travel Guide

Goa is an attractive state in India that is very famous amongst local and international tourists. Goa has one of the most impressive coastlines, sun-kissed beaches, calm surroundings, ancient temples and traditional churches. By every perspective, it is one of the fabulous tropical locations of the world. However, if you want to visit this place and make the most of your time in discovering the charming spirit of Goa, it is essential that you are well-informed and equipped before and after you arrive in Goa.

It becomes necessary for travelers who want to visit this place for the very first time to search for useful Goa travel guide before they visit this state of carnivals and festivals. The small state of Goa, situated half way down the western coast of India, has been famous for its gripping natural beauty in the form of sandy beaches, lively green paddy fields, coconut groves, dense forests, smiling people and crystal clear waters.

Dive in the inner sights of the location and you will certainly find a fascinating combination where east meets west. The 460 years of Portuguese control might have ended but it is still prominent in beautiful combination of religion, architecture and cuisine - extravagant churches and impressive mansions that actually make the dotted line of the entire landscape.

Goa travel guide will be imperfect without mentioning the weather of Goa that features modest temperature, displaying minimum variations during the year and all the seasons. Climate of Goa is really enjoyable that will push tourists to spend their vacations there without much concern. You can easily visit Goa at any time or year but preferably the trip must be planned considering peak monsoon season i.e. from July to September or peak winters i.e. from November to February when fabulous Goa Carnival Festival starts.

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