Hello Las Vegas!

It is not really hello Las Vegas but goodbye Las Vegas!  Vacation is over and it seems like yesterday when I was there.  The fun and excitements were gone but I brought home with me memories and unforgettable moments and  experiences. I am happy once again to see my family especially my sisters.

I did not only visited Las Vegas but also other cities in the United States including San Francisco, Seattle, Eugene in Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks to this site I found online who offers cheap flights to Las Vegas.  If I find one again next year, I might be flying back there for the third time.

When you talk about Las   Vegas, you might always think of shows and entertainment of all kinds, in which Vegas is really is! I am surely missing  now   "The World's Entertainment and Gaming Capital".  Las Vegas is truly fabulous!
The famous sign in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was there!

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Irish said...

What a place to visit!