My First Visit in Zurich, Switzerland

So many things to do but sometimes time is just running short. I hope some of you are already getting ready for the holiday season.  Don't stress yourself too much with so many things that are not really important.

Well, it seems that I was away for quite  a long time here. I always wanted to give you updates especially with my travels and escapades but with too many offline chores and errands  to do, I can't guarantee  frequent  updates  here. Probably early next year, I can already move on and have more time  in the blogosphere.

Now,  let me share to you some  snapshots I took during my first visit in  Zurich, Switzerland  last  2010. The main reason why we visited it  is  to experience the Christmas market in  this city. I heard from some acquaintances  that they were upset when they visited this city. Not for me,  I always find beauty in every town or  city that I visit. I am  not really hard to please.

For now, I  just want to share these images I took during our visit. This was taken by a simple nokia phone.

There was a marathon going on during our visit last December 10, 2010. ©
The  Christmas market  in the Hauptbahnhof or Main Train Station in Zurich. It is considered to be the biggest  indoor Christmas market in Europe. ©

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