A Mail from Art and His Travels in Ethiopia, Africa

I should be posting this article before 2012 ends. Since I was so busy during the holiday season plus all the offline and online jobs that I had the past two months, I  apologize  to you, Art for the delay. Finally, here it is now!

I  haven't met Art yet in person but I believed he is a good guy out there. I just met him when he left a comment in one of my blogs and asked  me if I could post  certain pictures from our area in my blog. I  did  granted his request and he was so happy about it. He told me that he will visit my place in Bavaria, Germany last 2008 but that time, I was in the United States for a two-month vacation. From time to time, he  emails me of his travel updates and I am always glad to know that he travels  here and there.  He also helped me sometimes solve some of the sights I visited. When  I cannot figure out which statue or  monument  I took, he is there to help me find what it is. I truly appreciate all your help Art. Thank you so much!

Here is the body of the  mail I received  from my dear online friend Art. Thank you so much for the permission to post this including the photos you attached in your mail. I just want to share this to my dear readers for them to be aware how  lucky we are compared  to other people in this world. Thank you so much for  thinking of me and my family especially during  the typhoon in Compostela Valley last December.  Thanks God that we don't live in that area. My family lives in the Visayan region. Please keep reading..

You can also find below all the photos taken by Art.  Art, it is an honor to share you priceless images in my blog. Truly  appreciated!

"Sent: Thursday, December 6, 2012 7:17 AM

Ruby----This is Art, from Utah. I haven't been able to keep up with your blogs lately because I have been spending much time living with a very remote tribe in Africa, southern Ethiopia to be exact. I heard about the typhoon and somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to remember you mentioning Compostela Valley in one of your blog articles. I hope that none of your family was badly effected IF they are in that area. I just wanted you to know that my prayers go out to all those involved. I'm a strange person. I have deep feelings for people going through hard times no matter where they live. I never have and hope I never do see people's color. I try to accept everybody no matter who they are. I try never to judge people unless they do something to hurt me. Then I try to figure out what it was that I did to make them act that way. This would be a better world if we could get rid of borders and all just be PEOPLE!!! But I fear that we must wait until we get to our final reward before any of us can experience that. John Lennon had a pretty good idea when he wrote "Imagine".

OK, I hope you are well and enjoying your travels........Art

Here are a couple of pics from the village where I live. I ought to do a DVD or learn to make thumbnails and send them to you. Maybe I will when I return next time. I'm going back again for 4 months right after Christmas.

I apologize for including so many pictures that this email probably took lots of time to download. But I truly love these people SO MUCH that I wish I could share every aspect of them with friends. I am going back after Christmas because that is the very hottest time of year and if my old body can take the heat I am going to close up my house in Utah and move there permanently. You can't believe how interesting their lives and history are. 

I am the very first white man most of them have ever seen and I can show how their rather Neanderthal tribal religion matches Christianity almost EXACTLY!! Well I do hope all is well with you. This started out as just a little note to say my prayers are with the people of Compostela Valley and look how it ended up. Maybe I am starved for people to communicate with while I just wait to return to the Omo Valley. Google images of Turmi, Ethiopia and Google images of Hamar tribe. Turmi is a tiny town near their village. I'll shut up now.......Art

P.S. See, I can't shut up. I just wanted to say that the girl standing in the hole is getting her family's drinking water for the day. Now maybe you can realize that they truly have NOTHING except contentment & happiness!!

His reply about my permission to use his pictures on Thursday, December 6, 2012 4:16 PM

Ruby-----anything that I send to you becomes your property to use as you wish. I'm glad your family is OK...........Art"

Once again I thank  you Art for sharing your wonderful and memorable  and maybe one of a life time travel experience  for some. Thank you so much and I wish you safe travels all the time. God bless you in your journeys!


Jennifer Evans said...

Ethiopia in Africa is perfect destination.I think Ethiopia is one of the most impotent country in the world.Go now,travel Ethiopia if you are fascinated with this place.Thank you.

Jennifer Evans said...

Ethiopia in Africa is perfect destination.I think Ethiopia is one of the most impotent country in the world.Go now,travel Ethiopia if you are fascinated with this place.Thank you.