Half Term Holidays

As the wind howls and the rain batters against our window panes it is hard to remember the feeling of sun on our skin, and the joy of wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts all day. But with half term looming it could be a great chance to pack a bag, throw caution to the wind and jet off to some sunnier climes.

Holiday on a beach in  Bohol, Philippines. ©

Half term is perfect for family holidays although it is typically a busy time which may not suit everyone, but if you have children then it is a necessity. Spending a week in a hotel complex with other children milling about will ensure your own little treasures will be well entertained. Having a multitude of friends to play with will ensure you can bake slowly in the sun sipping something cool and well earned. The thought of those glowing rays slowly seeping through your dermis is a warming thought indeed, but if the cost issue brings you back to earth with a bump then never fear - because where there's a will there's a way.

Holidays have become so plentiful in recent years that tour operators are virtually throwing them away at the last minute. Last minute deals cheap holidays to many happy families and individuals, with a variety of different tastes well catered for. If you usually opt for a low budget style holiday you could do so again and snatch a real bargain, alternatively you could book something really swish but get it at a much-reduced rate. The possibilities are endless for the type, venue and accommodation style, so it is worth having a sneaky peek online to check out what’s hot right now.

Just think, this time next week you could be gently baking somewhere fabulous, sending postcards via soggy postmen to your jealous buddies back in Britain.

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