Brisbane is In my Travel Wishlist

During my trip to Spain  last year, I met these very friendly  Australian family. They were sitting  next to  our table as we were gathering for dinner  in a restaurant in Callela.  That time, we were having a lot of fun and was laughing out loud. These Australian couple went  to our table and asked from what country we came from.  Most of us are living in other parts of the globe but  our origin are from the Philippines.

The Australian lady also mentioned that they know some Filipinos working in their place in Australia. She further said that these Filipinos were so kind and friendly and easy to be with. In short, we had some conversation about many things including travels, people and culture.

At  the end,  she gave me her email address and told me, "If ever you are visiting Brisbane next time, feel free to email me and you are more than welcome to stay in our home." Isn't it great?  That is such a perfect offer because I am planning to visit Australia in the future and  Brisbane is in my travel wishlist. Of course, I will also buy a cheap travel insurance before I go there.

Brisbane is one of the cities  I wish to visit in Australia. Being rated as the 16th most livable city in the world by The Economist in 2009, I believed spending a trip in this city can be very  interesting. Because of that,  I am already researching for its worth-to- visit landmarks and sights.

Here are some of the top famous sights I wish to see in Brisbane;

The City Hall of Brisbane

It is known as Brisbane's finest. It is located near Kin George square and the home of Brisbane City Council. It was once the tallest building in Brisbane. Its imposing clock tower is 70 meters high. It was based on the design of the St Mark's Campanile in Venice, Italy. That probably the reason why it looks very familiar to me because I had already seen its similar one in Venice.

Story Bridge

This bridge is named for John Douglas Story, who was a prominent public servant of Queensland. The Story Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Australia. It was designed by John Bradfield, the designer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It spans more than 250 metres (820 ft) across the Brisbane River.

St. Stephen's Cathedral 

I already visited the Cathedrals of St. Stephen in Vienna (Austria), Regensburg and Passau (Germany) and maybe in the future the one in Brisbane, Australia. I was amazed by the styles and architectures of these cathedrals I visited before. For sure, the one in Brisbane is also a very interesting one. The cathedral was built between 1864 and 1922 and one of the cornerstones in the history of the Catholic community of Brisbane.

Remember,  these are only some of the sights I wish to see in Brisbane. There are still a lot of things to see in this city from its museums to parks, historical architectures, city landmarks and other  attractions. I also want to try  the local delicacies in this place.

I believed one of these  days, I will be able to  visit Australia. Like any other dream-places I wish to go, there are always possibilities to make it come true.  I am thankful that I did already visited most of them.  How about you?

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