Scary Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda Devastated the Philippines Especially in Tacloban

I cannot find words to describe this tragic calamity that just hit  Philippines.   I cannot call  Haiyan or Yolanda  a  "super typhoon"  or "great typhoon"  because of the many damages and wrecks it brought to its victims.   I  call this typhoon a "monster typhoon". How it became  super  or great  when it brought  many damages especially to the lives and properties of hundreds and even thousands of Filipino people in the affected areas  especially in Eastern and Western Visayas including Tacloban City, Iloilo, Samar, Cebu and more.
Tremendous wreckage brought by monster Yolanda or Haiyan in Tacloban. Photo by yahoo images.

Last night,  when I was watching the news over the television, I was so helpless and can't help myself but to cry.  Monster typhoon  like  this is just indescribable. It is terrible and horrible!  It is indeed catastrophic, so tragic  and very destructive!

Today, I was browsing online and saw many pictures again of the calamity brought by the monster  Hiayan or scary yolanda. They are just very heart-breaking.

Thousand of people especially in  Tacloban lost  their lives and houses. Millions of properties were damaged including  schools, cars and  homes, roads are impassable, communication were cut-off, trees were uprooted and more. The city of  Tacloban is almost destroyed due to the destruction brought by monster haiyan or yolanda.

Damages of  Monster typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda in Tacloban. Photo by: yahoo images.
Condolence to fellow Filipinos who lost  their loved ones.  I am sending my sympathy and prayers to all  of you. It is indeed  heart-breaking  seeing the wreck brought by monster haiyan or yolanda.  I know Filipinos can stand up again and again.  Keep praying and hoping and working again to build your town or city.

I also would like to thank  all  the international and charity groups and organizations  and some countries who send help and donations to the Philippines. Thank you so much for your kind hearts and generosity.

I am glad and thankful after hearing that my family are in good hands in Cebu. Thanks God  for your  saving protection.

Let's continue to pray for the Philippines especially for the victims of this calamity. God bless Philippines!

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