Our Tentative Itinerary for Our Holiday to the Philippines

How have you been guys? I  hope everything went great especially that we are now stepping  in the second month of 2014. The month of January was quite a great month for me.  Everything is going great and the greatest of all, I finally booked my flight for a holiday in  the Philippines. It will be a 6-week holiday and I am hoping that I will be seeing more places this time.

I am actually making a tentative itinerary for me and my siblings who will be joining me for the trips in the Philippines. And yes, thanks dear sisters for sponsoring my  trip this time. yay!

Below is the tentative itinerary for our 2014  holiday to the Philippines

April 16, 2014- Flight from Frankfurt, Germany  to Cebu, Philippines
April 17   - arrival in the Philippines
April 18-20-  spend Holy week with family in Cebu

6 Days Trip to Palawan:
April 21, 2014- flight to Puerto Princesa,  Palawan. After arrival, might do some sightseeing in Puerto Princesa or do island hopping depending on the time and weather.
April 22, 2014-  Head to El Nido in the morning which is around 6-7 hours ride from Puerto Princesa with the bus or van.
April 23, 2014- El Nido island hopping
April 24, 2014- back to Puerto Princesa
 The Subterranean River in Puerto Princesa. Thanks to a friend for this image.
April 25, 2014- Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. The most famous landmark of Puerto Princesa, this subterranean river is the longest navigable underground river in the world. It features a limestone karst mountain landscape and many stalactites and stalagmites formations.
April 26, 2014- flight back to Cebu

April 27, 2014-  rest day or sightseeing in Cebu

The beautiful white-sand beach in Boracay, Philippines. Taken by my siblings during their visit.
April 28-May 1,  2014 -  Trip to Boracay
Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

May 1- flight back to Cebu in the morning and maybe rest  the whole day.
May 2-4-Cebu- family bonding and maybe with friends  too!
May  5-6- tentative Cagayan de  Oro, will my best to  visit relatives  and blogger friends
May 7- back to Cebu
 May 8-12- family bonding again and maybe meet some friends and bloggers  in Cebu

May 13-18, 2014- trip to Singapore and  a day or two days  trip to Malaysia
May 20-25, 2014- Davao and nearby places in the area
May 26-  May 31- family time, sightseeing in Cebu, island hopping

So far, this is the tentative  itinerary  for our travel to the Philippines.  I will keep this updated once there will be additional plans  or changes to be made.

Having been to over 30 countries worldwide is a great experience. This time, another great travel is coming again.  I am hoping to visit more countries in the future if finances are available.

Thanks God for this opportunity to travel again.  Thanks to my siblings who sponsored this holiday to Asia. I  hope, I can find more sponsors for my travels!  lolz!

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Ms. Journ said...

Nice plan. Will do the same :-) Thanks for sharing sis.